Monday, December 8, 2008

2nd Annual Artists for Charity Holiday Benefit

So, its all over now. Its our second year here in DC with AFC and we have just finished up this years holiday fundraiser. For those of you who missed out, it was held at Touchstone Gallery in Chinatown. With much dedication and hard work, it turned out to be a success with having doubled our funds from last year.

As exhausting and tiring as it has been trying to put this event together, it was all worth it in the end and i cant wait to do it all over again next year. To me fundraising is more than just getting money, but rather cultivating relationships. I cant explain how rewarding this experience has been and continues to be. But on a different note away from self-fulfillment that everyone is always trying to achieve in life, its really about the children. Knowing that the money is going to be able to help by their groceries for the next few months or pay their school fees...thats what keeps you wanting to help.

Underprivileged would be an understatement for these kids. I think its amazing that AFC has been able to create an environment and provide unthinkable opportunities for these children , who otherwise would be neglected and outcasts from society.

So, I really want to thank specific people for making this event possible.
Hanna (DC Rep and partner for life), Abezash (founder), Ephrem (the graphics man), Mike E. (the photo man), Mike A. (the auctioneer), All the volunteers, all the artists who donated their work; Gizaw, Matt, Solomon, Gediyon, Jonas, PS24, Setenge, the amazing children and anyone else who helped out in any way...

Till next year